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Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28

Animal Crossing Themed Planner/Journal Gift Set - Includes Catch em' All Sticker Kit Plus 2 Handdrawn Vinyl Stickers


1 physical 5.5in width by 8in height (A5) Animal Crossing themed journal/island planner included with custom designed template, this template allows the creator to add his or her own style and color.

An easy way to track, mark, and document your Animal Crossing experience.

This bundle also includes the Catch time all sticker bundle which consists of 8 physical printed and cut sticker sheets. Also 2 Mystery Island Sticker Sheets. All individually cut fish, bugs, flowers, shells and fungi icons that fit all your planner needs. Each sticker is approximately .5 inch by .5 inch, all stickers are matte.

Planner/journal is made with premium paper. Front and back covers are laminated, back cover includes inner pocket Island Info & Profile Set Up.

- 4 pages Villager Info
- 4 pages Town Events
- 2 Pages Nook Housing Upgrades
- 3 pages Daily Task List
- 1 page Shells & Fungi
- 2 pages Flowers & Shrubs
- 4 pages Bug Critterpedia
- 6 pages Fish Critterpedia
- 6 pages Deep-Sea Creatures
- 4 pages Fossil Collection
- 5 pages Paintings and Statues
- 2 pages Nook Mile Accomplishments
- 6 pages Mystery Islands
- 6 pages K.K. Slider Songs
- 3 pages Turnip Stalk Tracker
- 6 pages Blank/Notes (Dot Grid)

36 pages 100 Pages (50 sheets) printed back to back total!

- 8 Catch them All Sticker Bundle
- 2 Mystery Island Sticker Sheets
- 82 Individually cut fish Icons sheets
- 73 Individually cut big Icons sheet
- 41 Individually cut deep-sea Icons
- 52 Individually cut flower Icons
- 23 Individually cut shells and fungi icons
- 20 Individually cut mystery island icons

Made by Panda Prints Paper