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Rose / Good Boi Pin / Summer Romance Collection


Rose was crafted to celebrate special occasions! Whether you’re marking an annual event or surpassing a personal milestone, gifting Rose is a nice surprise to show your affection and support.

View the Good Bois Collection's sweet packaging (applies only to STANDARD grade pins):

. . . . .
• Size: 1.25 in
• Colors may vary slightly from image depending on monitor

. . . . .
Our pins are held to the highest standard.

STANDARD: near perfect
• Excellent gifts and embellishments to a pin collection
• Pins are deemed 'Standard' after a highly selective process

SECONDS: noticeable defects
• Recommended for backpacks, jackets, tote bags, and other exterior wear
• Defects (from most common to least): speck(s) of incorrect color, print misalignment, chipped metal, fiber particles within enamel, scratches on surface of metal, missing enamel, oxidation
• Second pins usually carry one type of defect

. . . . .