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New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)
New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)

Accessories NAGAOKA

"I would find new and interesting ways to bring Kimono into our daily lives!"

I love KIMONO.

There are many colors and motifs in Kimono and Obi. These lovely patterns carry various cultural meanings: praying for happiness, long life, and good luck etc ... 

However, wearing a kimono, a traditional Japanese garment, entails many steps that require special techniques, and people rarely have the opportunity to wear Kimono in this day and age.

I enjoy finding attractive and useable ways to bring Kimonos into our daily lives by redesigning Kimono and Obi into accessories.

The shop logo is my family emblem, KAMON, called Daki-myouga. Myouga is a kind of ginger. The fragrance can repel insects, so Japanese people believe that this plant can protect us from bad luck. I use my family emblem as a logo to wish that my products can be an amulet for the user.

- Hisae