Soundscaping SJMA

Thursday, Jan. 18, 6 PM to 9 PM

San Jose Museum of Art, 110 S. Market St, San Jose, CA 95110

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San Jose Made returns to Third Thursdays at San Jose Museum of Art for its third annual Soundscaping event. During Soundscaping, amazing local musical talents takeover the museum for a night of music and performance, transforming your museum experience into something sonically memorable, emotionally moving and straight-up interesting.

This year, we are so tremendously excited and proud to have San Jose duo Q&A as the featured performer and lineup curator for the night!

We're also amazingly excited to announce San Jose's Tea Lyfe ( as Soundscaping's Featured Local Drink Maker!



PX Floro

San Jose Nuevo Flamenco feat. Bianca Rodriguez & Gopal Slavonic


Cypher Dance Company

Lorenz Dumuk 

Q&A (Folk + R&B)

Q&A is a folk / R&B music duo native to San Jose that consists of artists Quynh-Mai Nguyen and Alice Chen. Our music is comprised of harmonized soulful voices accompanied by our multi-instrumentalist stylings that we perform simultaneously. Striking together the instrumental lullings of folk acoustic guitar pickings, melodica, harmonica, accordion, violin, ukulele, flute, cello, and percussion serenaded by pretty and gritty vocal harmonies, Q&A derives their alluring sound from the inspirations of nature, love, culture, and connecting the heart back into our community.

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PX Floro (comedy)

PX Floro is a talented standout female comic with a tell it like it is attitude.

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San Jose Nuevo Flamenco feat. Bianca Rodriguez & Gopal Slavonic (Flamenco)

San Jose Nuevo Flamenco, a collaborative group, will showcase traditional and contemporary flamencos. Through collaborations with artists trained in different genres and disciplines, the artists can explore their limits. New works will be created and the classic will be re-interpreted, adding layers to their artistic oeuvres of expression.

Bianca Rodriguez began dancing in Laredo, TX between the US and Mexico border. Her influences in music, dance, and theatre shaped her as a dynamic performer who enjoys collaborating with different mediums. She has a BA in Flamenco Dance from UNM where she worked with several professional and touring dance companies. Bianca also discovered her passion through Yoga and Pilates crediting them to giving her work not only an aesthetic value but also a spiritual meaning. Bianca is currently based in Oakland. 

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DionLovelle (Neo Soul)

DionLovelle, a musician from the soul, brings emotion and passion to the stage. His music is inspired by Oldies R&B with a fusion of Neo Soul.

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Cypher Dance Company (Lyrical Hip Hop)

Cypher Dance Company was created as an outlet to make dance accessible to everyone whether that be a dancer or non dancer. Improvisation is the core of Cypher Dance Company. Through improvisation can come communal gatherings of all disciplines to discover and learn with each other. Cypher dance aims to bring people together to celebrate all that defines life.

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Lorenz Dumuk (Spoken Word)

Lorenz Mazon Dumuk is a San Jose poet and mix medium artist.  He has two collections of poetry, Ay Nako: Writing Through the Struggle, and I Think In Poetry.  A highly imaginative person whose heartfelt work gives space for his audience to feel connected with themselves and the world around them.

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The Propeller Group
The Propeller Group anchors its ambitious projects in Vietnam’s history and its paradoxical present. Based in Vietnam and Los Angeles, the art collective extends its reach to address global phenomena, from street culture to international commerce to traditions shared across cultures. In multifaceted projects, The Propeller Group blurs the lines between modes of cultural production and embraces the formats of branding campaigns, television commercials, Hollywood movies, and music videos to explore the complex ideologies that drive global commerce, war, and cultural and historical memory. One highlight of the exhibition is The Living Need Light, the Dead Need Music (2014), a visually lush film that follows funerary traditions of the Mekong Delta. It combines documentary footage, staged reenactments, and fantastical scenes to explore slippages between real and imagined rituals shared across cultures. The film is accompanied by sculptures inspired by traditional Vietnamese funerary objects: a carved jackfruit wood snake with gold fangs and an adorned water buffalo skull.


Crossroads: American Scene Prints from Thomas Hart Benton to Grant Wood
Crossroads: American Scene Prints from Thomas Hart Benton to Grant Wood focuses on early twentieth-century American culture and society through lithographs, etchings, and wood engravings. The fifty-seven prints in this exhibition, produced between 1905 and 1955, encompass a broad range of art styles collectively known as “American Scene.”


Louise Nevelson: The Fourth Dimension
In 1957, Louise Nevelson (1899–1988) installed one of her first “Sky Cathedral” sculptures in the lobby of her brother’s hotel, the historic Thorndike Hotel in Rockland, Maine. It hung there for ten years until it was acquired by the pioneering collectors of American sculpture Jean and Howard Lipman. The Lipmans displayed the massive wooden assemblage of black painted boxes in Howard Lipman’s Manhattan business office. Sky Cathedral (1957) became a central piece in the family’s collection when in the 1970s they moved to Arizona and built a new house to accommodate its monumental scale. Their son Peter, along with his wife, Beverly, generously donated the sculpture to the San Jose Museum of Art in 2010.

Louise Nevelson: The Fourth Dimension brings this important work in SJMA’s permanent collection together with personal objects and ephemera from the Peter and Beverly Lipman Collection.


Show Your Work: Art and Math
The interactive learning labs in the Koret Family Gallery are a place to make observations, ask questions, and participate in creative experimentation. This installation reflects the math-focused curriculum of SJMA’s award-winning education program Sowing Creativity and includes artworks by Ron Davis, David Pace, Clare Rojas, Lordy Rodriguez, and Shirley Shor.

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