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SJMADE at Whole Foods
First Saturdays
777 The Alameda
11:00a - 7:00p
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APRIL 4, 2015
Haus of Metal
I Dream of Cookies
Oso Pepper Company
Sweetdragon Baking Co.



San Jose and Oakland, CA


"We love anything old, vintage, rustic, and reused. As a result, type.lites was born--a cleverly packaged candle line featuring seven irresistible fragrances that will delight every candle and fragrance lover. Our candles are hand poured and set with our favorite wood wicks which emulate the crackling sounds of a fire. Each candle is packaged with our original holga photography and finished with a thoughtful quote and charm. Did we mention our candles are made of soy wax? That is to say, not only are type.lites easy on the eyes and nose, they’re also easy on the environment. Not too shabby."


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