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Third Thursday
January 15, 2015
5:00p - 9:30p
Reduced $5 admission
Buy 1 get 1 free!
Use online code "SJMADE"
Purchase tickets >
(free to members)

Music by:
5:00p : Freya Seeburger
6:00p : Jackie Gage
7:00p : Cado
8:00p : Shamina

Pop-Up Shops by:
Milk Moon
Faerie Goatmother
Tulita's Petals and Wreaths
Lighten Up Shoppe
Sweetdragon Baking Co.
Karen Luk Illustration
Haus of Metal
Kindred Cooks
Splendid Colors
Pat Evans Designs
Manic Designs by Rachel Riot
P.M.B.Q. Studios
Franci Cakes
Content Magazine

Music programming by Fatale.

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