We wanted to create a page that made it as easy as possible for makers looking to vend at our events to apply to our events.

We will be keeping this updated with all current open vendor applications. To learn more about each event, click the respective event page link. 



1. Click on the ADD TO CART button here. The application should appear.

2. Fill out the application. Once you're finished, click the button at the bottom.

3. You'll be taken back to this page. 

4. If you'd like to apply to another event, find that event and repeat steps #1 through #3. 

5. You must pay your booth fee(s) in order to successfully submit your application(s). To pay, find the Shopping Cart icon*.

*If you're applying via desktop or laptop, scroll up and click on the Shopping Cart icon in the top-right corner of the screen. If you're applying via mobile or tablet, a Shopping Cart icon should appear at the bottom of your screen. 

6. After clicking the Shopping Cart icon, you'll be taken to a Checkout page. Follow the instructions from there until you have successfully submitted your payment. You'll receive a confirmation in your email if the payment has gone through successfully. If your application is accepted, your booth fee will have already been paid so you'll be all set. If your application is not accepted, your booth fee will be refunded.


We define these events as the events capable of hosting over 50 makers.



We describe our Craft Markets as more intimate events hosting anywhere from five to twenty makers in one space.



Our Pop-Up Shops range from weekend-long durations to week-long durations to month-long durations to even longer durations. We like to think of our Pop-Up Shops as ways for makers to experience what it's like to have their own physical retail space where they have more creative control over the aesthetics, operations and overall experience. Because placing makers into these spaces entails a more detailed process than individual events, we often will not post applications but rather forms to express your interest in popping up. After receiving the form, we'll email you individually in order to further discuss the possibility of popping up.


SJMADE Pop-Up Shop in Japantown

Part of the Classic Loot Store, 208 Jackson Street, San Jose, CA 95112


SJMADE Pop-Up Cart at SoFA Market

SoFA Market, 387 S. 1st St., San Jose, CA 95113
Info: http://www.sanjosemade.com/sofa-market-pop-up



Occasionally, we'll partner with an existing event to help the event program vendor booths at their event. In these cases, San Jose Made only posts the application to our website. Unlike the above events and pop-up shop opportunities, San Jose Made does not manage the vendor communication, vendor onboarding (e.g. processing payments), marketing and on-site vendor management (i.e. load-in, setup, vendor support and load-out). We don't say this to deter anyone from applying to these events. Rather, we say this to clarify the difference between the above events and pop-up shop opportunities and these.