The SJMADE Pop-Up Shop Program at Classic Loot is Japantown is currently on hiatus. We are not currently running any shops nor are we reviewing any applications. If you’re interested in San Jose Made’s latest retail experiences, we highly recommend checking out MOMENT, San Jose Made’s four micro-retail spaces for creative retailers located in downtown San Jose.

SJMADE Pop-Ups in Japantown

208 Jackson St. San Jose, CA, 95112

As of September 2017, the Pop-Up Shop will operate differently than it has throughout summer 2017. New information has been updated below to reflect the changes. 

What is the Classic Loot Shop in Japantown?

Classic Loot travels all around to find unique fashion pieces and goods whether they are vintage, new or handmade. Classic Loot sells these items through her online store, her various past pop-up shops and her super popular Classic Loot Truck. Starting on May 20, 2017, Classic Loot will now add her new amazing storefront in Japantown to the list of places where she sells her stuff!

Why are we so excited(!!!) about this?

1. We love Classic Loot and have worked with Classic Loot extensively in the past, so we are equal parts thrilled and proud to see Classic Loot with her very own storefront. 

2. For over a year now, we've had our office and maker studios in Japantown so we've gotten to know this beautiful community quite well and in doing so, we've long dreamed of the possibility of operating pop-up shops here. We love how abundant the foot traffic is and how fiercely passionate and proud people are about Japantown. 

3. The Classic Loot Shop and the SJMADE Pop-Up occupy this amazing corner storefront location right at a super high-visibility intersection of Japantown, which gives it every chance to be seen and to succeed!

4. We get to share a building with amazing artist-run art workshop, art supplies store and art gallery The Arsenal (! 

What is the SJMADE Pop-Up Shop at Classic Loot Shop?

[This section was updated on 8/26/17]

SJMADE has reserved a section in the corner of Classic Loot Shop and under the SJMADE-branded awning just outside of Classic Loot Shop for pop-up shops ranging from one weekend to one month long. SJMADE offers TWO different ways for makers to pop-up at the Classic Loot Shop in Japantown:

Option #1 - Month-long Residency - $300 per month

  • INSIDE: You'll utilize SJMADE's two pop-up fixtures (see photos above) within Classic Loot Shop and have your products displayed and available for the entire month. You'll have the option of either sitting near the fixtures and taking transactions yourself OR, when you are unable to be present, having Classic Loot take transactions for you at her 50% consignment rate.

  • OUTSIDE: You'll have the option of popping up on the sidewalk under the SJMADE Pop-Up awning on Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays. SJMADE provides a 5'x7' tent and up to two 5' tables for you to use. You are able to set your own hours too.

Option #2 - Weekend Sidewalk Pop-Up Shop - $99 per weekend

  • OUTSIDE: You'll have the option of popping up on the sidewalk under the SJMADE Pop-Up awning on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. Whatever combination of days works best for you. SJMADE provides a 5'x7' tent and up to two 5' tables for you to use. You are able to set your own hours too.

  • NOTE: This option DOES NOT include the ability for you to have your product available for display and purchase INSIDE Classic Loot Shop on SJMADE's two pop-up fixtures.

Classic Loot Shop Hours of Operation

MONDAY - Closed

TUESDAY - 1 PM to 7 PM



FRIDAY - 1 PM to 8:30 PM

SATURDAY - 1 PM to 8:30 PM

SUNDAY - 2 PM to 7 PM

2017 Fall Pop-Up Schedule

This section will be updated as we confirm new pop-ups for the fall season.



Jurying & Admission

Every application will be juried. In other words, applying does not guarantee placement. When we review the applications, we'll be reviewing your products and your business for quality and fit. We'll also review your application with Classic Loot to make sure your products and your business do not conflict with Classic Loot. After submitting your application, we will take anywhere from 3-5 days to review your application. Once we're finished, we'll email you with our decision. If your application has been accepted, we will provide a payment link as well as instructions to prepare you for the pop-up. 



Month-long Residency - $300 per month. If accepted, this reserves you four consecutive weeks starting at your desired start date.

Weekend Sidewalk Pop-Up Shop - $99 per weekend. If accepted, this reserves you Friday, Saturday and Sunday though we leave it up to you whether or not you pop-up for three days or only two. 


If you are a food/drink maker...

At this point in time, we are unable to accommodate food/drink makers for these pop-ups.


Your display

If you choose the Month-long Residency, you'll be using our two pop-up fixtures within Classic Loot Shop. You can view them in the photos above. Below are the specs for them.

The fixtures are two 4'x8' boards:

  • Holes are approx 6" apart at center

  • Holes and pegs are 7/8" diameter

  • Long shelves are 5" deep by 24" wide

  • Short shelves are 5" deep by 12" wide

  • Shelf pegs are 8" long and 7/8 diameter

  • Single hanging pegs are 4", 6", 8"

Quantities of fixture pieces:

  • Long shelves: 7

  • Short shelves: 6

  • Pegs: 8": 20

  • Pegs: 6": 8

  • Pegs: 4": 8

Unless discussed or stated otherwise, you may not bring additional furniture into the space (e.g. table, shelves). A stool will be provided to you for when you yourself are present and taking transactions.


Do people popping up for the month-long residency have to be present during all the operating hours?

Not at all. If you are doing a month-long residency, you have the following options: (1) You can pay someone to operate your pop-up (e.g. taking transactions) OR (2) You can agree to have Classic Loot take your sales while you are not present. In exchange, Classic Loot will take 50% of sales of your products that they make when you are not present. This 50% rate is the same as her 50% consignment rate for her own shop.



In order to pop-up in our space, you are responsible for obtaining general liability insurance to cover the duration that you'll be popped up. 



If, after having been accepted and having paid, you need to withdraw from your pop-up, we will offer a full refund if you notify us by email (send to 21 days prior to the start of your pop-up. If you notify us any later, we will not be able to issue a refund. 


What if it rains during the pop-up?

Month-long Residencies WILL NOT be eligible for refunds, credits or discounts due to inclement weather. Weekend Sidewalk Pop-Up Shops are eligible for refunds, credits or discounts due to significant rainfall. SJMADE makes the sole determination of whether or not the degree of rainfall necessitates a cancellation of a pop-up day or an entire pop-up weekend. Weekend Sidewalk Pop-Up Shops are not eligible for refunds, credits or discounts due to any other type of inclement weather. 



When do you want to pop-up?
Type of Pop-Up *
NOTE: Month-long Residency equals four weeks starting on your Desired Start Date (see below). Weekend Sidewalk Pop-Up includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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Desired Start Date
Your Info
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Your Main Contact Number
Please note we are not able to fulfill every request however we welcome you letting us know if you have preferences. Additionally, we also welcome you to use this space to further elaborate on your work and your story, especially if you feel like your website/online shop/social media don't do them justice.

2017 Summer Pop-Up Schedule


May 20 to June 2

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JUNE 17 to June 30

Le Petit Elefant (website)


July 1 to July 14

6 Degrees of Hapa (website)



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