Founded in 2011, San Jose Made is a local organization focused on creating opportunities for local makers and creative small business to grow their business and brand. 


For makers... 
San Jose Made (SJMADE) is the answer to the question: "How do I grow my craft or art or specialty into a viable small business in the Bay Area?"

For projects, events or spaces in the Bay Area... 
San Jose Made is the answer to the question: "How do I define my project/event/space with more local values and local spirit?"

For local goods enthusiasts... 
San Jose Made is the answer to the question: "Where do I go to shop local in the San Jose, Silicon Valley and Bay Area?"

Specifically, San Jose Made connects makers, artists, designers and doers in the San Jose, Silicon Valley and greater Bay Area to each other and to opportunities to grow their brand and their business.

How do we do this?

1. We partner with high-traffic, high-visibility spaces to  connect local makers to affordable high-growth business opportunities.

2. We create and also partner with high-visibility events to help our makers expand and expose their brand to significant Bay Area audiences.

3. We bring community-centric, local-economy-focused ideas to high-profile public projects.

4. We connect makers to makers who may help them grow and refine their business and vice versa, ultimately cultivating a collaborative and collective spirit for the local maker scene here.

5. We stand as a personal and personable platform with whom makers can establish an ongoing dialogue as to how to create and grow, troubleshoot and strategize for their business.

By being there for our makers and by being a personal and personable presence in helping them figure out how to grow their business in the Bay, we are able to consequently cultivate a robust community of makers ready to transform spaces into exciting and local and intimate phenomenons through which people in the Bay can connect and consequently celebrate Bay Area made local goods.

San Jose Made (SJMADE) is a brand of pop-up opportunities, events and installations operated by San Jose Made, Inc.